Covid Safety Precautions

What are the safety precautions taken for a safe taxi service in Kerala?

Kerala Cars are providing car rental services in Kerala strictly adhering to the guidelines issued by WHO and Govt. of India. All the precautionary measures taken by us help control the spread of Coronavirus. Following are the steps were taken by us to provide a safe taxi operation in Kerala. Together with your support, we can avoid the corona threat.

Hand sanitiser in the car – We have kept Hand Sanitizer in all cars. Before you enter the car the driver will insist you sanitize your hands. He will open the door for you to enter the car. But if you are carrying your sanitiser you can use the same.

Carry your luggage – Make sure to put your luggage by yourself in the car boot space to avoid contact.

Partition in Cars – We have made a partition in almost all cars for the safety of drivers.

Disinfect the car – Drivers are trained to disinfect the car before and after every ride. This will make it secure for the next customer moving with us.

Purifying cars – We used to air out the car before and after every trip to eliminate all chances of catching an infection.